Day 26. 339 days and $335 left to go.

Los Angeles is finally getting the cold shoulder! Woo hoo! Temps were cool enough to actually bring out suitable wintery gear - 3/4 length coat and fingerless gloves!! I decided to wear a sweater today, albeit a short-sleeved one, it was still a sweater. Day 26 - Before

Now no actual tweaking needed to be done to this puppy - I immediately loved the navy/white stripe pattern and the cotton was super soft, however the issues that I did have included - A, the waist was a bit elasticky and may fit a bit tight, B, the pattern seemed kind of, well not straight, and C, horizontal stripes aren't the most flattering. Taking all this in on top of the $1 price tag, I decided to go with it and purchase. When I got home, washed it and tried it on, I became totes obsessed. Good call to me!

Day 26 - After

I did say it was cold out, hence the jacket stayed on in fear of freezing to death in the 51 degree Santa Monica air. The smile is totally forced - chattering teeth is the best way to feign a happy face.

Little side note, as I needed to vent a smidge... Maybe about 8ish minutes or so away from arriving home tonight to get blogging, I got rear ended by someone just sitting at a stop light, anticipating my warm, cozy abode. This person told me they had never gotten into an accident before and literally said to me, "we live in LA, it was bound to happen" when we pulled over to exchange info. Seriously? This person who shall remain nameless was also concerned with "how long this was going to take" which understandably made this lass here quite annoyed. It may be redundant, but seriously?

So, deservingly, my young (4 months old) Japanese Lily (she's a hybrid so I gave her a hybridy, binary nomenclaturey-type name with a shout out to her country of origin) will receive her after pic tonight. I'll post the after-after when she's out of body shop recovery.

Day 26 - After

I'm not going anywhere this holiday and yet ran into my own travel woes. Que sera.