Oscar DIY: Phantom Thread Copycat

It's Oscar Week and we're remaking a few of my favorite looks from this year's best films!

First up:


When I saw this I knew there would be some sort of outfit making to be had! It's all about a tailor and his muse during the 50s. 

Phantom Thread: Red Lace Dress Costume

This dress was one of my faves from the film and knew it was one that I had to remake!

First up, find a red dress to use for the base! I had this number in my closet ready for an upgrade!

Phantom Thread - Before Dress

It's from the 70s, totally giving off the DVF wrap dress vibe...

Phantom Thread - Before Dress 2

...but definitely needing a bit of a refresh. Phantom Thread copycat, here we go!

Phantom Thread - Before Dress 3

I snagged my materials at Joann (all about that lace, bout that lace...) and channeled my inner Reynolds Woodcock!

Phantom Thread - Materials

I started by removing the collar on the neck of my dress...

Phantom Thread - Seam Ripping

...and then cut my sleeves short to match the dress from the film.

Phantom Thread - Sleeve shortening

Then it was lace time! I had to add lace to the skirt, the sleeve cuffs, and the neckline.

Phantom Thread - Lace!

Once everything was pinned...

Phantom Thread - New sleeves!

...it was time to sew it all in place!

Phantom Thread - Sewing Machine

My look was complete!

Phantom Thread Dress - After

I am totally feeling the 50s!

Phantom Thread Dress - After 1

PS...for those who have seen the film, you'll totally understand the next photo 

Phantom Thread Dress - After with Mushrooms

And if you haven't seen this, the costumes are just next level! Such gorgeous gowns!

Phantom Thread Dress - After 3

Vicky Krieps on the left, yours truly on the right. I'm really pleased with how this turned out!!

Phantom Thread Dress - Before/After

More looks to come!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JOANN. The opinions and text are all mine.

DIY: Tie Dye Embellished Sweatshirt (รก la Beyonce)

OK, I'm part of the Bey-hive.

Amazing Bey art  by GNODPop

Amazing Bey art by GNODPop

I love me some Beyonce. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ I got a little inspired when I was in Paris over the summer and was peeping all of Queen Bey's Formation posters littered across the city promoting the tour.


I said to myself, I want to slay too!! So, a Beyonce-worthy top is what's getting crafted! I was feeling the French spirit while singing "I Slay" over and over and over on my trip that I thought, what if I found out the French translation for that phrase and embellished my hoodie?

Je domine means "I dominate" so  it looks like we've got our saying! I began with a thin cotton H&M sweatshirt and some sequin trim for lettering! I was inspired by a post on A Beautiful Mess using sequins...


...and wanted to create something similar!

I pinned the sequins to the shirt to hold them in place while forming the lettering and then used Aleen's Fabric Fusion to actually affix the sequins to the shirt!

Je domine

But then what happens when you wear your new shirt out to dinner and you spill what you ordered on it? You get that bottle of tie dye ready to go. 


I grabbed a bottle of Tulip One-Step dye in blue (I wanted to match the navy sequins I used) and began the process by getting the top completely wet!

Blank T Shirt

Whenever I dye clothes I try to keep a pair of rubber gloves on hand just to avoid dyeing of the hands as well!

Once the piece was totally wet, I folded the top in an accordion shape and added rubber bands. (These areas underneath the bands will be the portions of the top that won't change color!)

When the bands were all added, it was time to dye! I took an old baking pan and covered it in plastic wrap. (The things you do when you have to dye inside!)

With the Tulip dye, all you have to do is fill up the bottle with water and shake it to disperse the powder coloring. Once the dye is mixed it's time to squeeze onto the garment!

Love the blue! ๐Ÿ’™

We're so close!

Once the shirt was saturated with dye, I let it marinate for 8 hours before cutting the bands and rinsing the piece out with water until the dye ran clear. Once it was dry, it was time to wear it again!! (Fingers crossed I don't spill something metallic on it next!)

Dye success!

I Slay Sweatshirt

I'm totally rocking out to Beyonce right here! (Hello yard dance party!) 

Je domime

Spot be gone! Can't even see it anymore.

I Slay Before/After

Such a fun way to give a simple shirt some flair!

I might need to add sequined lettering to more things now...stay tuned!

Copycat: Prada Jeweled Purse

I absolutely fell in love with this Prada clutch when I first laid eyes on it. New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - Prada Copycat

I just wasn't as in love with the $2580 price tag. Using this gorg purse as inspiration, I was determined to create my own gemtastic masterpiece!

With all the leftovers that I've accumulated from the thousands of dresses I've remade, I knew I could stitch up a pouch in no time. I thought that this lovely piece would make the perfect base because...

New Dress A Day - vintage purple polyester dress

...after I trimmed it up...

New Dress A Day - vintage purple polyester dress

...and turned it into this...

New Dress A Day - vintage purple polyester dress

...I had tons of leftovers to play with! Nothing that a little dyeing can't fix to make this the perfect base!

With my pouch plans in place, Swarovski gems procured in the matching colors on the Prada purse (emeralds, yellows, golds, blues, clear)...

New Dress A Day - Swarovski

...and backings from EH Ashley in hand...

New Dress A Day - Backings

...it was time to get my bedazzle on!

I started off by putting all the backings on the rhinestones. You place the bottom of the gem into the backing and then pinch down the prongs on top to keep the gem in place. You can use jewelry pliers or just press them down yourself. (I even did a few by pressing them into a magazine I had on my floor - easy way to complete if you're sans pliers!

New Dress A Day - Backings and Swarovski crystals

The crystal backing game began! I started little by little until I had my assortment of different Swarovski shapes and sizes complete!

With the gem front handled, it was time to get the purse portion created. Using the excess polyester fabric from that fab upcycled dress above as well as a white zipper...

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch

I dyed both pieces using iDye Poly...

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - iDye Poly

...into a gorgeous shade of emerald.

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - iDye Poly

I measured the fabric to match the size of the zipper, turning it into a lovely little rectangular shape...

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - iDye Poly

...and stitched everything in place.

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - iDye Poly

I cut the excess material around the edges of where I stitched...

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - iDye Poly

...and turned the pouch inside out to begin my gem affixing!

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - iDye Poly

Look at all the gems!!

New Dress A Day - Swarovski

I had sew on backings for the rhinestones (see, you can see the holes in them!) to hand stitch to the purse. You can use flat backs and just glue directly to your piece or even just glue the stones themselves. Whatever makes the most sense for you is the most important element!

New Dress A Day - Backings and Swarovski crystals

I started my stitching process and stayed on the slow and steady train until I was finished.

New Dress A Day - Backings and Swarovski crystals

Voila!! My new Prada-inspired purse!!

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - Prada Copycat

I just love the different shapes of the stones and the color palette works like a gem! (Hey, pun!!)

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - Prada Copycat

It's the perfect going out, wedding, or everyday purse to glam up a basic ensemble.

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - Prada Copycat

And if you don't want to sew anything, grab a thrifted clutch or old makeup case and use that as your base!

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - Prada Copycat

I already started the weekend a bit early with my bag. You know, taking some shots with the sun in the background while sitting in standstill traffic!

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - Prada Copycat

Totally obsessed with how this came out!

New Dress A Day - DIY pouch - Prada Copycat

Nothing like a little bling to kick off the weekend!