Oscar costumes

Oscar DIY: I Tonya Copycat

Perhaps my favorite Oscar contender of this year was...


...and you know that the costume game in this film was 💯. #allthesequinsintheworld

I was obsessed with most of the wardrobe in this movie - hello 90s. That jacket on the left...

I Tonya Costumes

The outfit I chose to remake was neither of the above though. I went for a little more gold. I mean it is Oscar Sunday!

I Tonya white and gold outfit

I started with a base of a long-sleeved bodysuit from Boohoo and a matching skater skirt from there too, together costing less than $20!

I Tonya - Before Look (Bodysuit/Skater Skirt) 2

That mock turtleneck collar is SO perfect for this!

I Tonya - Before Look (Bodysuit/Skater Skirt) 3

This is also so cute as is, if you add a fun long necklace to pair! However, we're going to make a few changes...

I Tonya - Before Look (Bodysuit/Skater Skirt) 4

I hopped over to Joann, got my materials and ALL the sequined fabric I could, and then got to crafting!


First off, I trimmed and affixed some golden diamond-shaped sequined fabric pieces with E6000 fabric glue

I Tonya - Process Shots (sequined bodysuit)

Then it was time to cut the sleeves!! 

I Tonya - Process Shots (sleeve trim)

Can't have short sleeves without some fringe, amirite?

I Tonya - Process Shots (fringe trim)

More sequins were added and then it was time to sew the fringe in place! 

I Tonya - Process Shots (stitch time)

We're getting SO close!!! I couldn't not add rhinestones either once I got started...

I Tonya - Process Shots (rhinestones)

I'm ready for the Olympics, friends!

I Tonya - After Shot

OK, maybe not THOSE Olympics...but the DIY Olympics, sign me up! 

I Tonya - After Shot 3

What's an ice skating costume without some skates?? (PS, those skates look real, right? They're printed and backed with some cardboard! That's also why there are two right feet 😂

I Tonya - After Shot 2

I'm really trying to encapsulate the brooding Margot Robbie asTonya Harding vibe here. 

I Tonya - After Shot 4

That's a tough cookie right there!

I Tonya - After Shot 5

OK, not totally...

Margot Robbie on the left, yours truly on the right. 

I Tonya - Margot/Marisa

I'm ready to take the ice!

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Oscar DIY: Lady Bird Copycat

When I saw this I knew one of the MANY fab vintage-y looks would get a second life through my eyes!

Next up:


But let's be honest...this film really had me when Lady Bird and her mama hit up this spot. Come. On. 


I loved this lace look on Saoirse Ronan and knew this would be the piece to get some DIY lovin!

Lady Bird

I had to start with the dress...

Lady Bird - Before Look 1

I think some vintage Jessica McClintock works for this, don't you?

Lady Bird - Before Look 2

I CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR THIS ALL THE TIME WHEN I'M DONE!. Ps, sorry for the caps. I just needed you to know how excited I am!

Lady Bird - Before Look 3

I snagged the rest of my supplies at Joann...

Lady Bird Dress supplies

...and got to stitching. And unstitching! 

Lady Bird - Bye Collar

That's right. The collar said goodbye!

Lady Bird - Dress DIY

And so did the sleeves!

But my favorite part of this copycat look? DIY-ing a cast out of TAPE!

Lady Bird - DIY hot pink cast

I'm totally feeling the Lady Bird vibe.

Lady Bird - After look

And, check out that cast you guys!!!

DIY hot pink cast

Not too bad with the help of some Duck brand duct tape and a sock!

Lady Bird after look 2

Saoirse Ronan on the left, yours truly on the right. 

Lady Bird - Before/After

More looks to come!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JOANN. The opinions and text are all mine.

Oscar DIY: Phantom Thread Copycat

It's Oscar Week and we're remaking a few of my favorite looks from this year's best films!

First up:


When I saw this I knew there would be some sort of outfit making to be had! It's all about a tailor and his muse during the 50s. 

Phantom Thread: Red Lace Dress Costume

This dress was one of my faves from the film and knew it was one that I had to remake!

First up, find a red dress to use for the base! I had this number in my closet ready for an upgrade!

Phantom Thread - Before Dress

It's from the 70s, totally giving off the DVF wrap dress vibe...

Phantom Thread - Before Dress 2

...but definitely needing a bit of a refresh. Phantom Thread copycat, here we go!

Phantom Thread - Before Dress 3

I snagged my materials at Joann (all about that lace, bout that lace...) and channeled my inner Reynolds Woodcock!

Phantom Thread - Materials

I started by removing the collar on the neck of my dress...

Phantom Thread - Seam Ripping

...and then cut my sleeves short to match the dress from the film.

Phantom Thread - Sleeve shortening

Then it was lace time! I had to add lace to the skirt, the sleeve cuffs, and the neckline.

Phantom Thread - Lace!

Once everything was pinned...

Phantom Thread - New sleeves!

...it was time to sew it all in place!

Phantom Thread - Sewing Machine

My look was complete!

Phantom Thread Dress - After

I am totally feeling the 50s!

Phantom Thread Dress - After 1

PS...for those who have seen the film, you'll totally understand the next photo 

Phantom Thread Dress - After with Mushrooms

And if you haven't seen this, the costumes are just next level! Such gorgeous gowns!

Phantom Thread Dress - After 3

Vicky Krieps on the left, yours truly on the right. I'm really pleased with how this turned out!!

Phantom Thread Dress - Before/After

More looks to come!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JOANN. The opinions and text are all mine.