Remake: Pink Floral Muumuu

You know that moment when you get into your car for the first time after it's been sitting in the sun all morning, and the heat literally envelopes you, and you feel like you might explode? What happens when it feels that hot ALL DAY LONG? You go as flowy as possible with that wardrobe!

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu - 20

Hello, flowy!

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 1

This muumuu is exactly the piece for that sweat drippity kinda summer day. A few issues, though...

Ummmmm...this is probably not going to cut it as is.

Ummmmm...this is probably not going to cut it as is.

It's just a bit too big for me. No need for flashing.

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 3

It's hot but not THAT hot. :)

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 4

Time to make this ready for the heat!!

There were lots of snags at the seams, but because of the sizing, things are getting trimmed and these issues will be in the leftover fabric pile!

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 5

Woo for no snags!

Next it was onto the actual cutting. Length got trimmed as well as the sleeves, and the body of the muumuu got taken in as well. 

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 5

The bottom of the dress got prepped for a new hem before moving onto the neckline!

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 7

As you can see on the bottom right, I created two seams, with about an inch of space in-between. These are lying at the new neckline. (I added part of the leftover fabric and stitched it to the back of the current neckline.) New elastic is gonna live in the center of these two seams very soon! (PS, leave a little bit of space at the end of your seam - you'll need access for the next step!)

I took elastic and added a safety pin to the end of it to push through the space between the seams! New elastic neckline, here we come!

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 8

Once the elastic made the rounds around the entire neckline, instead of stitching the ends together, I pulled them together and tied a bow. This is going to help with making adjustments for how loose and how tight I want the neck to be. 

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 9

Off the shoulder action! 

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 10

I paired this piece with some Michael Kors heels and a green clutch! It's like I'm wearing a garden!

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 11


Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 12

Casual, comfortable, and COOL. Three key ingredients to the perfect ensemble.

Vintage Pink Floral Muumuu 13

I love this dress!! Seriously. I might even wear it to bed :)