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DIY: Palm Springs Caftan

We’re in the thick of summer and all I want is a weekend away at a pool with my BFFs. Palm Springs, here we come! To fit in with the desert vibes, I’m thinking vintage patterns, bright colors, and something super retro. A DIY caftan is the just the thing I’m going to make and bring with to lounge poolside in!

I went to JOANN to find the perfect pattern and fabric combo to get my piece started!

Here's what you'll need:
Pattern (Simplicity has SO many cool reissue patterns from the 60s/70s! It took me a while to settle on my pick!)

Fabric (I wanted something bright and desert-y and went with this cotton pattern. I got four yards just to make sure there was enough and to have the option of crafting a belt or head scarf with the remnants.)

August - Fabric Option

Thread (Find something that matches your fabric)

**Depending on pattern, you might also need the following: (Just check out the back of your pattern package where additional supplies will be listed.) Fusable interfacing, zippers, hook & eye closures

August post - supplies

I found the perfect pattern while browsing - I wanted to make all three of the options but decided on the top left. (Stripes FTW!) I mean we’re going to Palm Springs, so let’s keep it short!

I checked out the step by step instructions on the back of the pattern and started planning. For any sewing newbie, these steps are super helpful in understanding the best way to piece together your garment!

I began with the pattern and cut out the pieces that were needed to make my caftan option and then pressed the pattern pieces with an iron to remove any wrinkles.

August - Process Shots

I did a quick press of the fabric as well, pinned the pattern to my fabric, and cut the three pieces out. There’s such a sense of accomplishment once you have all your pieces ready to go!

August - Patterns

Following the directions on the pattern package, I cut out fusible interfacing for the collar pattern and ironed it to the fabric.

August - Fusible interfacing

Now it was time to sew all the pattern pieces together! I began with the collar - following the directions I pinned my piece in place…

August - Pinned Collar

...stitched the ends together and then turned the collar inside out.

August - Fused Collar

Next was the rest of the caftan! I attached my collar to the neckline...

August - Sewing Machine

...stitched the sides of the piece leaving room for the sleeves and then created a hem.

August - Fabric

And just like that, I’m ready for Palm Springs! 🌴 

August - After Caftan

Colorful and outfitted in a vintage straw had, because that’s how you do in the desert :)

August - Hat & Caftan

This is perfect for over a swimsuit, or to cover shoulders if you’re prone to burns like I am!

I also had the perfect clutch to pair with my caftan! Yellow straw clutch, FTW!

August - straw clutch

This is making me want to sew caftans to wear each day of the week!

August - Caftan DIY

I’m totally going to become that girl! :) Caftan Party, USA!

August - Side by Side

Remake: Yellow Floral Chiffon Robe

I hope you're enjoying the costume series that just started! I still want to get a few upcycled remakes posted in-between all of the Halloweening, so today you get a housecoat! I bought this YEARS ago with the intention of doing something cool with it, however I just never seemed to be inspired enough to tweak it.

New Dress A Day - vintage floral housecoat

The print was killer and I loved the chiffon, however at the end of the day, it was a buttoned robe. I finally got inspired with a trip to Palm Springs planned. Kinda seems like something that should be worn in the desert, n'est-ce pas?

First thing to hit the road, besides me (!!) was the ruffled collar.

New Dress A Day - vintage floral housecoat

With help from my seam ripper, I removed all the stitching around the neckline, and had a completely detached collar.

New Dress A Day - vintage floral housecoat

Moving on, it was now time to go short!

New Dress A Day - vintage floral housecoat

I trimmed off the bottom portion of the piece and then pinned under the raw edges to prepare a new hem to be sewn.

New Dress A Day - vintage floral housecoat

I stitched down my neck...

New Dress A Day - vintage floral housecoat

...and then tweaked the hem...

New Dress A Day - vintage floral housecoat

...and was left with the perfect Megan Draper-esque pool cover-up for my poolside afternoon in Palm Springs!

New Dress A Day - vintage floral housecoat

I always lather up with sunscreen but love having some extra coverage to totally avoid the sunburn. This was the perfect piece because it was light and airy, I could walk around the pool not feeling overly exposed, and it made me feel like I was in an episode of Mad Men.

New Dress A Day - vintage floral housecoat

The cabana cushion and pillows were totally in my color palette too. Greens, oranges, and yellows, oh my!! I think I'm going to repurpose this into an actual "jacket" (it's still 90 degrees here in Los Angeles, so I'm using the jacket term quite loosely) to wear on top of a tank top/jeans combo this weekend. It gives just enough flair to make a basic jeans/t pair pop.  I'll make sure to document photographically!

Remake: Green Floral Muumuu

I really loved the print of this muumuu. New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

The floral print at the bottom was my favorite part, so I started to think about ways to upcycle this into something wearable!

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

While wearing the piece and looking at all the seams, I knew exactly how I was going to upcycle this!

 New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

Time to get out the seam ripper!

Seam, meet seam ripper! You guys are going to get along really well.

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

I started to remove each of the sleeves.

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

I really loved the shape of the neck on this muumuu.

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

And when the sleeves came off, it was easier to see the sharper edges that were made at the shoulders. I wanted to let this be the focal point!

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

Sharper shoulders, check! I pinned to prep for a little bit of sewing.

New Dress A Day - blue muumuuNew Dress A Day - blue muumuu

On top of the shoulder area, I also took in the piece a bit at the arms. There was a larger hole made from when the sleeves were taken off, so I wanted to close up shop a little as well!

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

I was headed to Palm Springs, so leaving it long and flowy was just how I was going to wear my new piece!

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

Hello 70s!!

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

I went to Palm Springs with two of my best girlfriends for a quick weekend getaway! Even getting out of LA for a night feels like a way longer vacation!

We were taking too many pics in the photo booth at the Ace Hotel!

New Dress A Day - Ace Hotel

We went to Las Casuelas for a Mexican feast and met a bunch of new pals while dancing to the live band play everything from Journey to Roy Orbison.

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

There were too many candids going on at the table!

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

We had the most fun dinner before heading back to the hotel...

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

...where the shenanigans continued! I was so obsessed with the window display at the hotel! Hello amazing knots! I posted this shot on Instagram over the weekend and @mackenzie.91 called it "an awesome parrot toy" which I couldn't agree more!

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

It's got a total retro/nautical vibe going on, which suited my ensemble to a tee!

It was back to the room after that, where we grabbed glasses of water to find them super cloudy. We even checked with the hotel to see what was going on and they said it was because of extra air bubbles in it. (It had an Alka Seltzer-y look because of the color/bubbly texture.) I added a pack of Emergen-C to my bubbly H2O...

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

...and called it a night!

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

More Palm Springs pics to come...