DIY Starry Summer Scarf

School’s out for summer!! OK, that doesn’t apply to me anymore, but I am still getting into the summertime mood! You know when weekend BBQs, pool parties, and outdoor concert invites start popping up, summer is officially here!

We still have chilly nights here in Los Angeles, so I thought that a summer scarf would be the perfect DIY to celebrate independence next month while also feeling super chic as the sun goes down. (Because you know I’m already planning my 4th of July outfits! 😆) The beauty of this scarf is that it’ll feel super festive on the 4th, but it’ll work any other time of year as well!

You can snag everything at JOANN and here's what you'll need!

2 yards of cotton fabric (I went with white solid gauze, but got lost in the rows trying to make a final decision! Pick something that will feel softest against your skin.)
A star stamp (...or any stamp you feel most excited about.)
Ink pads (I chose red, white, and two blues.)
Thread ( match fabric)
Shears (My go-to are these Fiskars!)

Summer Scarf Supplies

Start with your fabric and lay it down flat on the ground. I got two yards of gauze and trimmed it in half lengthwise.

Fiskars & Fabric

Next I took my stamp and began to get inky!

I started with the light blue and made diagonal lines down the length of the fabric. This is the fun part! Go rogue and stamp anywhere you please or create your own pattern. I kept to the lines creating my next batch of royal blue stars in another parallel pattern and then finished with some sporadic red stars!

June Post - Fabric Stamping

PS - post stamping, just to help set the ink a bit, I took an iron and did a quick press. No steam, just some heat! (Then when it’s time for a hand wash, the inks will be a bit more stable.) I wanted to make this an infinity scarf, so I pinned the edges of the scarf together, inside out, and prepped for a quick stitching.

June Post - Pinned Fabric

(This part is totally optional! If you want an open ended scarf!) Stitch, stitch, stitch!

June Post - Sewing Machine

New festive neckwear, ready for action!

June Post - After Scarf

I love the stars and how subtle they are depending on how the scarf is twisted!

June Post - After Scarf 5

Light blue blousin’ to tie all the shades of blue together!

June Post - After Scarf 3

Summer style that’ll work with anything - shorts and a tank, a maxi dress, or with a bathing suit and a sarong!

June Post - Final Scarf

And the perfect thing to wear on the 4th!

June Post - After Scarf 1

Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!