DIY: Splattered Paint Clutch

I've been on the hunt for DIY-able accessories and this purse screamed "make me over, Marisa!"

Vintage Clutch - 1

The clutch was satin and it had some scattered stains on it. I mean if you're toting around an ivory satin clutch beware of everything because ivory isn't your friend when it's near wine or makeup or dew covered grass! (Yes, that last one happened in my front yard :) )

Vintage Clutch - 2

Cute spots, eh?

IMG_9784 (1).JPG

Taking those stains into consideration, it was time to think about how to hide them and make this clutch totally wearable one more time!

Vintage Clutch - 4

When thinking about my DIY options, my head went to the delicious beverage I was consuming...LaCroix Pamplemousse and the awesome 90s color palette on the can!

Rit Dye color ensemble + La Croix

I grabbed five shades of RIT in the LaCroix color palette and got to work. Using spray tops, I connected them to each bottle and started to spray!

Sunshine Orange Rit Dye

I had a little Jackson Pollock afternoon, spray dyeing this clutch to new shades of cool!

Dye party

Even the paper towels look cool!

After spritzing and spraying the bag with all the shades of dye, I let the purse sit overnight to fully saturate.

Dye Splatter

When complete, I threw the upcycled clutch into my suitcase and brought it with me to New Orleans where one of my nearest and dearest sets of pals got married!

Vintage Clutch - After

And when in New Orleans, one always wears sequins. (And in this case, these sequins were on sale from Asos!)

Sparkles & Oysters

One also eats a bevy of oysters when they're shucked and served fresh during the cocktail hour by a badass lady duo Two Girls, One Shuck. (Cutest name ever, alert!)

Vintage Clutch After - 2

Nice little after shot, new clutch! There were some areas where the dye dripped a bit, but that's the beauty of this one-of-a-kind piece!

Strapless party!

Strapless gals in the building!! My friend DS also rocked a ruffled skirt so we had to take our twinsies shot. 

On each ceremony chair were these AMAZING handkerchiefs with the bride and the groom's name on them. 

Second Line Handkerchief

Little did I know they were going to be used as props in a second line processional on Magazine Street outside the venue! 

This was one of the COOLEST things I've ever experienced. So much love and so many people just dancing along with us from their porches and on the streets. New Orleans stole my heart a little more.

PS, the table had a special place for my new accessory!

DiY Splatter Clutch

The most fun evening with the most fun new clutch!

Vintage Clutch After - 3

This little clutch got many a compliment but it also held a TON of the candy from the candy station. Late night Laffy Taffies and 100 Grand bars, check.

And at the WAY end of the night, when the length of the skirt was rolled up to my knees, the clutch's hidden strap was the perfect place to clip my heels to. 

DIY Splatter Clutch

Final pic of the night was from Bourbon Street where the wedding party all meandered down to after the vows were exchanged. From super classy at the beginning of the eve to down and dirty after 2:30am, that night was one for the books. Nothing like beads, green jello shots in syringes, and pizza from a cart to close up the night! 

Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!