Remake: Black & White Tweed Dress

I found this dress and fell in love with the tweed material!

Vintage Tweed Dress - 1

I also loved the large buttons. I'm a button girl - the bigger and more embellished, the better in my book!

Vintage Tweed Dress - 2

I love pockets too, but the pockets on this dress were small and sneaky. Don't try to be a pocket if you're gonna be little, ya hear? I need room!

Vintage Tweed Dress - 3

The shape was totally off BUT the seams were perfectly lined up to transform this into something I'd wear often. 

Vintage Tweed Dress - 4

Like REALLY often.

Vintage Tweed Dress - 14

First off I got rid of those shoulder pads. Like the pockets, if you're gonna be small, why bother!?

I mean go big, or go home.

Vintage Tweed Dress - 5

When I first looked at the piece, I immediately thought JACKET! The way the seams were, it just screamed out loud, "turn me into a jacket, girl!"

Yeah, this dress literally screamed to me. That's the kind of relationship I have 😂

Vintage Tweed Dress - 5

I started removing the seams at the waist right off the bat and in my haste, I got an injury.

Vintage Tweed Dress - 6

You might have thought that the seam ripper caused the cut, but no. I was just TOO excited that one of my nails on my left hand cut the knuckle on my right.

Little word of caution...go slowly, friends! That tweed is not going anywhere!

I continued to remove the seams until the top part of the jacket was fully detached!

Vintage Tweed Dress - 7

I created a new hem, pinned down the bottom of the jacket and stitched away!

Vintage Tweed Dress - 9

Once stitching was complete, it was time to rock my new jacket!

Vintage Tweed Dress - 9

I paired the new jacket with a vintage black dress and lace tights for my "this is what I wear in LA when it rains" look. 

Vintage Tweed Dress - 10

This would pair so well with a jeans/t-shirt look too!

Vintage Tweed Dress - 12

The big collar really pops now too! I'm totally in love with how this one turned out!

2.13.17 - Before & After

Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!