DIY NYE Rhinestone Skirt (á la Dolce & Gabbana)

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The holidays are in full swing! Christmas might be over but New Year’s is just a few days away and let’s be honest, I’m not taking the tree down until at least mid-January :) But this year I wanted to make something special to wear to ring in 2018. It’s a big year - it’ll be my first one as a married gal and I couldn’t be happier to spend it with my husband!

So, after doing some Pinterest scouring, I remembered one of my favorite looks by Dolce & Gabbana. A totally blinged out skirt that has been in my To-DIY Board for a bit.

Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Skirt

The colors are rich and it’s super shiny (hay rhinestones, HAYYYYYY!) making this the perfect look to recreate for the 31st!. I needed to find a skirt and scored the perfect skater style version in mustard at the Salvation Army.

DIY Mustard Skirt - Before

I was looking for something brocade but thought this could do the trick! It’s a bit large, but nothing that a quick stitch can’t fix.

Mustard Skirt 2

Next it was off to find all the trimmings to put onto the skirt! I went ribbon and accoutrement scouring at JOANN and found some stellar ribbon rope...

Joann Trim

...not to mention rhinestones for days to add to this puppy.  PS, anyone needs a few, you know where to come!

Joann Rhinestones

I started off adjusting the skirt to fit me. I pinned, I stitched, I conquered.

Mustard Skirt DIY steps

Next it was time to sort out how I was going to decorate the skirt. With my slew of stones, ribbons, and studs, this skirt was a canvas just waiting for everything to be placed on it. The gold rope/cord was placed down first.

Mustard Cording.png

To make the skirt symmetrical, I matched the roping on both sides of the skirt securing it in place with pins!

Mustard Skirt with Cording

Next I took some gold cording and began to wrap it around a few of the rounder gems. This  gave the stones a more finished and sleek look.

Mustard Skirt DIY Rhinestones

Now it was time to place the gems and secure in place with glue! I went with the heavy duty E6000 which is safe for fabric and washing!

Mustard Skirt DIY Rhinestones 2

(This is going to be a hand wash operation for me and I’m just keeping fingers crossed that I don’t happen to get overly excited during the countdown and spill something on myself!)

Mustard Skirt DIY Rhinestones 3

I just glued my last stone!!

Mustard Skirt DIY AFTER

And to really mimic that D&G look, I paired my skirt with a star top!

NYE After Mustard Skirt DIY

(Sidenote - that “top” is really a dress! It’s a thrifted Barney’s COOP silk dress that I added the skirt on top of!)

NYE After Mustard Skirt DIY 2

I love how this skirt came to fruition just by taking something I was obsessed with and adding my own little twist to it.

NYE After Mustard Skirt DIY 4

I love the flowy vibe but also the rich gem colors! (I stuck to the reds/golds/silvers.)

DIY Mustard Skirt

It’s got the bling to stay sparkly while watching the ball drop!

It’s more like “bling in the new year” with this new skirt!! Sorry, sorry, I just couldn’t help it!

Before/After DIY NYE Rhinestone Skirt (a la Dolce & Gabbana)

Wishing you the most creative, chic, DIY-filled and beautiful new year!


Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!