Remake: Art Deco Beaded Top

I don't have a ton of luck with shades of ivory. They either wash me out (thanks, Irish/English skin!) or feel super yellowy.

Art Deco Beaded Top - 1

This shirt has the latter feeling and it's not just the stains under the pits!! 😂

Art Deco Beaded Top - 2

But the BEADWORK!! The glorious beadwork!! That's what sold me on this shirt. I was obsessed with the art deco-y, feathery/leaf print at the collar.

Art Deco Beaded Top - 3

I wasn't about to let this shirt win, so I did what I do a lot of the time. I grabbed some wine. OK, not exactly the wine you're thinking of...



I added my shirt to a dye bath (Wine dye can be found here!) and let the piece marinate. When working on this shirt, it got me thinking about using real wine to dye! I know - why waste, BUT, let's see if some leftover cab from cooking can do the trick! That'll be coming soon...

Art Deco Beaded Top Dyed

When I first saw the piece post-dye, I was completely blown away. It turned into something SO spesch. 

Art Deco Beaded Top Dyed - 1

It's literally the shade of m'dreams!!

Art Deco Beaded Top Dyed - 2

No, but really...look how the beadwork pops!  

Art Deco Beaded Top Dyed - 3

And PS, not gonna lie. This shirt has total mullet qualities. Business in front and PARTY IN THE BACK. I mean, look at those buttons!!! 

Art Deco Beaded Top Dyed - 4

Saying I got excited was a total understatement.

From start to finish, this piece went around the moon and back! I can't wait to test this out with some skirting options - there's so many different ways to rock this piece.

1.9.2017 - Before / After

This is a color / beverage I can always get on board with!

Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!