Remake: Red Floral Embroidered Shirt

I pretty much LOVE anything embroidered! So when I came across this top, it was love at first sight. My boobs however, weren't as thrilled. See below:

Unfortunately this top didn't fit in the state it was in...

Red Embroidered Shirt - 3

...however I knew right off the bat that this piece would only need one step to make it perfect.

Red Embroidered Shirt - 2

ELASTIC!! I swear, elastic has saved me time and time again. I kind of feel like I owe a LOT to that lovely, stretchy friend of mine!


I removed the old, worn out elastic and replaced it with new elastic, adding a trusty safety pin to guide through the shirt's seam. And that was it!

Red Embroidered Shirt - 5

From too big to just right!

Red Embroidered Shirt - 7

I call this my Guns & Roses top! 🌹

Red Embroidered Shirt - 6

I paired this with jeans, but think that adding a high waisted pencil skirt could be an awesome alternative way to style!

Red Embroidered Shirt - 4

It's so cute!! Such an easy top to wear that feels fun and festive.

Red Embroidered Top Before/After

Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!