Ivory Cotton Boho Dress

Today's dress was one that I picked up at a swap party! Zara Cotton Dress

Once I put it on though, it was going to be more of a tunic than a dress! It was super cute, however super sheer at the same time.

Zara Cotton Dress

There were a few spots as well, but with a little color changing, I knew it could become something totally wearable!

I picked out a bottle of dye and got to work!

DIY Gumball Costume

PS, the above shade isn't the color I actually used. Any thoughts to what I chose?? Check out the new look:

It turned out a pretty sage/seafoam green!!

Zara Cotton Dress - Dyed

I actually chose Rit Dye's Dark Green shade, but it turned out this gorgeous shade when I removed it from the washing machine. I loved how the ruffle at the bottom turned out a little darker too.

Zara Cotton Dress - Dyed

I wore my vintage Oregon Trail sweater, as I like to call it because it looks like the people on it were trying to caulk the wagon :) (No people were harmed, er died of dysentery, in the taking of this Oregon Trail inspired-photo.

Zara Cotton Dress - Dyed

There wasn't any sand, but these enormous rocks right on the beach. I had my fab Naya boots on (they're on sale now too!) to make the rocky trek down to the water.

Naya Shoes

It was the perfect December day to BBQ with friends at the beach. It was also the perfect day to be silly on the roof.

Zara Cotton Dress - Dyed

December on the beach in a light sweater and top? I'll take it :)

Zara Cotton Dress - Dyed

We ended the day at magic hour...

Zara Cotton Dress - Dyed

...getting to watch the sun set into the Pacific.

Malibu coast photo

New top, same pose. (I really tried to nail the same elbows!!)

Zara Cotton Dress - Dyed

Hope you all had a most wonderful weekend!


Outfit details:

Top: Zara | Jeans: Nordstrom (love scouring their sale racks!) | Sweater: Vintage | Necklace: Vintage | Boots: Naya (from Sierra Trading Post) | Sunglasses: Forever 21