Halloween Location Looks: 27 of 31 – Die Hard

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! Day 27 is here and it's my favorite Christmas movie. Today’s costume comes from:

Nothing says the holidays to me like Die Hard.

Die Hard - title card

It's really become one of those family traditions... Chinese food on Christmas Eve, Gingerbread Lattes while looking at lights in the neighborhood, and Die Hard somewhere in-between.

Nothing is more memorable than Nakatomi Plaza in the film. It looks so sunset-y and pretty in the movie!

Die Hard - Nakatomi Plaza

The in real life version is way bigger than it seems!

Die Hard - John McClane costume

It's too good of a shooting location not to create a John McClain costume!!

Die Hard - John McClane

This costume is perfect for a last-minute pick - tank top, a pair of cargo pants, and a plastic weapon or walkie talkie!

I grabbed my props and headed off to the plaza!

Die Hard - John McClane costume

Bruce Willis is one of the action movie kings.

Die Hard - John McClane

I just don't know how good I'd be with all of the stunts.

Die Hard - John McClane costume

Nakatomi Plaza is tall, yo!

Die Hard - John McClane

I did take a note from his performance. I went barefoot without issue...

Die Hard - John McClane costume

...however Bruce, unfortunately, didn't have my same luck.

Glass + feet =

Die Hard - John McClane

...a very unpleasant self-extraction party.

Die Hard - John McClane

I was ready to take down Alan Rickman...

Die Hard - John McClane costume

...just without all the bells and whistles below.

Die Hard - John McClane

I'd love to do it from the ground floor.

Die Hard - John McClane Costume

Twenty-seven looks down, four to go!

Film Details:

Die Hard (Fox., dir: John McTiernan)

Location: Fox Plaza, 2121 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA