Halloween Location Looks: Day 9 of 31 - Beverly Hills, 90210

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! Day 9 is here and it’s from a show that I've started rewatching on Hulu again. Today’s costume comes from:

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Walsh House

I'm humming the opening theme song now!! I felt super mature watching this when I was a kid. I always remembered wanting Donna and Kelly's wardrobes. Shocker? Absolutely not.

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Cast

So, when I took a visit to the iconic Walsh household in Pasadena...

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Walsh House!

...it was like I was transported right into that TV show that I was so obsessed with as a kid.

 Beverly Hills, 90210 - Walsh House

I must say, the episode that always resonated with me was the one where Brenda and Kelly wore the same dress to the spring dance. Literal. Nightmare.

 Beverly Hills, 90210 - Brenda black and white prom dresses

I had a similar issue in middle school, however I found out about it in advance. My mom and I nipped it in the bud by heading to another mall outside of our town and picking up a back-up. (I ended up loving the back-up more than the original!)

To create the perfect Brenda/Kelly look, the one main costume component you'll need is that 90s dress! Hit your local thrift stores and you're guaranteed to be sorting through tons of potentials.

The Instagram teaser I sent out to everyone in advance was this...

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Walsh House!

Oh, Donna...

After hitting a thrifty hunt, the dress that I found came pretty close...

 Beverly Hills, 90210 - Brenda black and white prom dresses

To really get the same look, I could have removed the bow and replaced it with a white bow on top, so keep that in mind while perusing. If you have a black dress at home already, getting some thicker white ribbon will totally do the trick.

While I was shopping, so was Kelly...

 Beverly Hills, 90210 - Kelly Prom Dress

...and Brenda...

 Beverly Hills, 90210 - Brenda Prom Dress

...who found the same black and white dress at the same time at the boutique. I mean, it's a cute dress...

 Beverly Hills, 90210 - Kelly black and white prom dress

I actually really like my magenta, big, bowed option!

 Beverly Hills, 90210 - Walsh House!

Just to not feel super out of the loop, I tied a white ribbon on top of my dress!

 Beverly Hills, 90210 - Matching dresses

This smells like a fun group costume!!

 Beverly Hills, 90210 - Kelly Prom Dress

Nine looks down, 22 to go!

TV Show Details:

Beverly Hills, 90210 (produced by Spelling Television)

Location: 1675 E. Altadena Dr., Altadena, CA