Halloween Location Looks: Day 8 of 31 – Swingers

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! Day 8 has arrived and it’s money, baby. Today’s costume comes from:

Swingers - Title Card

Cafe 101 in Hollywood could be another cast member in Swingers. It's the bottom floor of a Best Western and virtually looks the same as it did when the movie came out almost 20 years ago!

Swingers - Cafe 101 Hollywood

I think this is where my obsession with Los Angeles really began...

Swingers - Cafe 101 Hollywood

Vince Vaughn + Jon Favreau = get me out to LA, ASAP!!

Swingers - Cafe 101 Hollywood - Vince Vaughn

The key Trent (Vince Vaughn) costume pieces that you’ll need, include:

Swingers - vince vaughn costume

1. Light Yellow Button Down Blouse (Perfect piece to source at the thrift store - my long sleeved version is courtesy of a garage sale!)

2. Brown Wig (c/o Party City)

3. Tank Top (If you don't have a stash of 10 at your fingertips (ahem, fingers pointing at this girl), you can grab a some on Amazon! I live in these, workout in these, sleep in these...you name it.)

4. Martini Glass (The perfect accoutrement to the Trent costume!)

The teaser quote I posted on Instagram yesterday is probably the most iconic phrase from the movie.

 Swingers - You're so money

I was going to use "Hi, this is Nikki, leave a message" but the pain felt during that scene is insane. In. Sane.

Trent in the diner at the end of the film, flirting with the woman a few booths down is one of my all time favorite movie scenes ever.

Swingers - Cafe 101 Hollywood - Vince Vaughn

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, right? So I put on my best faux-Vince wig, grabbed a cup of coffee, and pretended that I was in Swingers too.

Swingers - Cafe 101 Hollywood - Vince Vaughn

I love how the interior still feels like a 60s throwback.

Swingers - Cafe 101 interior

Hands down, it's the one place I head to when I'm craving a tuna melt. And as many times as I've seen Vince in LA (it's been quite a bunch) I've never run into him here...

 Swingers - Cafe 101 Hollywood - booth

And as many times as I've been to Cafe 101, I've never run into her here either...

Swingers - Cafe 101 Hollywood - Vince Vaughn - diner scene

I used to get that I looked like Heather Graham a bunch in college, but that costume was just too easy. It's way more fun to dress up like Vince.

 Swingers - Cafe 101 Hollywood - Vince Vaughn

Eight looks down, 23 to go!

Swingers (released by Miramax Films., dir: Doug Liman)

Location: Cafe 101, 6145 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028