Copycat: Topshop Sweater

You guys, summer is over and you know what that means... long sleeves are back in action!! It's still pretty warm out, however I'm already in fall/winter planning mode. I saw a fun sweater on Awkward (worn by Molly Tarlov) that was by Topshop and I got the DIY urge to recreate.

HG - New Dress A Day - Awkward Sweater

The Topshop inspiration piece had a glitzy neckline...

Awkward - HG Sweater Topsho I knew this would and could be a fun and easy DIY!

Here are the supplies you'll need:

HG - Awkward Supplies

1. Light Pink T Shirt/Sweater (Alternative Apparel has a fab light pink tee option or Forever 21 has a plethora of budge-friendly pieces that could work!)

2. Rhinestones (I used a mix of 5mm, 6.5mm, and 7mm stones)

3. Rhinestone Settings (I matched the rhinestones to the same size stone settings!)

This project is really just so simple. Once you have your shirt, all you need are your stones and settings to complete it in no time.

Start below the actual collar (right under the seam of the shirt in the photo to match the Topshop inspiration piece) and place your setting in the shirt from underneath. Once the setting is popping through the shirt, add in the stone...

Awkward - HG Sweater_Fotor_Collage12

...and then clamp down the claws. You can use a hand press, a pair of jewelry pliers, or even use a thimble - whatever is easiest! Repeat this process until you have rhinestones all along the neckline.

HG - Awkward Supplies

Perfect sock bun pals!

Awkward - HG Sweater_Fotor_Collage

If you'd prefer to just use fabric glue in lieu of the rhinestone settings, go for it! This is perfect for the holidays too, adding a little bit of bling around the necks of jewel tone sweaters? IN!!