Michelle's NDAD Creation

I'm in a sparkly accessory mode at the moment. I just used Prada's rhinestone clutch as inspiration in making my own bedazzled pouch and today's piece from Michelle is on that same glitz train! The amazing part about her project is how she tackles an issue she deals with (and one that a lot of us deal with too!), allergies, and makes something that didn't work, work like a very sparkly charm! See what she did...

I had purchased a few sparkly necklaces online, but it turns out I have a pretty nasty nickel allergy.

I kept the necklaces hoping I would find something to use them for. I finally came up with an idea using leftover black fabric, crazy glue, and ribbon.

NDAD - Necklace Making Supplies

I sketched a rough guideline on the fabric so I'd know where to lay the necklace [the ends were quite loose], applied the glue to the back of the necklace, and placed it along the lines.

NDAD - DIY Upcycled Necklace

I had to touch up a few areas where the glue didn't quite take. I followed this up by trimming around the edges.

Next I removed the chain, leaving one loop on each end for the 1/8 inch black ribbon.

NDAD - DIY Upcycled Necklace

I cut each ribbon to about 24 inches long and doubled them up so the necklace can be any length from a tighter choker to a longer pendant style. Then tied a knot close to the loop and at the tying end.

NDAD - DIY Upcycled Necklace

Some of the metal still comes in contact, but this should severely cut down on the reaction. And it's sparkly!

What an amazing job you did! This is such a great way to turn jewelry that doesn't work into new staple pieces! That necklace is so fab and I love the how it matches the chevron print, with the pointy edges! See what else Michelle has created HERE!