I’m working with HALLS® today on a fun “gearing up for spring” piece. Spring is officially here (!!!) which means it’s time for that major cleaning sesh! I always use this time of the year to hold a serious wardrobe edit in my room. New Dress A Day - Spring Cleaning - Blogher - Halls

Time to get crackin'!

Taking each piece out of the closet and putting them in one of three piles: YES, NO, or ON THE WARDROBE RACK – I like to substitute wardrobe rack for “fence” – feel me? It’s super cathartic to expunge pieces that haven’t seen the light of day in a while and put them into the donate pile.

New Dress A Day - Spring Cleaning - Blogher - Halls


What comes along with this weekend of cleaning is not only a few bags of clothes to donate or bring to swap parties, but some INSANE allergy issues as well. You can’t even imagine the dust that accumulates in my closet – it’s like the more clothes I remove, the bigger the party the dust has in my room. It’s like a dust dance party and I’m sneezing along to the beat!

New Dress A Day - Spring Cleaning - Blogher - Halls

What to keep?

I have crap allergies to begin with and you guys have been so helpful in the past of sharing your allergy relief methods from eating local honey to ingest the same pollens from the area to build immunity to using Neti Pots and Zyrtec. October, when the Santa Ana winds plague Southern California, and May are my two nemesis months. They’re like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, except they aren’t a cute, make-up covered, accent spilling Mike Myers. They’re invisible and like little blades to my sinuses. My usual cleaning routine is to take an Allegra D, open all the windows in my apartment to air it out while the massive clean is underway, and have water nearby to stay hydrated. This time I decided to add HALLS to the routine. I popped an Allegra along with a Honey & Lemon HALLS before my day o’ cleaning began to see how I’d feel.

New Dress A Day - Spring Cleaning - Blogher - Halls

HALLS to the rescue

I was still a sneezing fool as I picked and sorted through my pieces, but my head, which is usually throbbing, felt A-OK. Honestly, I was just waiting to feel crappy and it never happened. I have to say that for my first HALLS tester, I felt pretty good. Not only did I feel better than usual, my closet got cleaner, and I'm ready for all those pastel colors to emerge in my wardrobe! 

New Dress A Day - Spring Cleaning - Blogher - Halls

Ready for Goodwill!

So to help find new homes for the things I’m getting rid of, I’m giving away a little “grab bag” of goodies that I’m no longer using/wearing any more. I’ve got an assortment of jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, clothes, etc. that will be going to one lucky reader! To enter, leave a comment below of something that you’re looking forward to doing to gear up for spring! Perhaps you’re cleaning out your garage or getting a new haircut? The lucky winner will be announced April 15th (a sweet treat on tax day!!).

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