Earth Month: Lenny Mud

I'm the biggest tea drinker (shout out to green tea!) and immediately became obsessed with these pieces when I first saw them on etsy a few years back. Lenny Mud has the cutest sipwear and it's all of the main reasons behind my obsession. Other reason is the super smart and witty art. I mean...

New Dress A Day - LennyMud - Earth Month

It's really the coolest ever.

The handmade items come from a mix of earthenware and stoneware clays and are lead-free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Woo!! Plus there's a bit of upcycling (and wheel thrown like Patrick Swayze in Ghost) happening in the creation process.

New Dress A Day - LennyMud - Earth Month

Makes me want tea right now just to use the mugs.

Lenny Mud Price - $5+ Styles - mugs, tea pots, serving bowls, and soap dishes.