Oscar Week: Oscar Jewels Giveaway

I still have a few more Oscar Week outfit posts to run before Sunday (!!) but in the interim, here's a giveaway that's totally Oscar worthy! I can't wait to see the gorgeous gowns and jewels (highlight of the Oscars, amirite!?!?) so why not pass along a few dreamy/blingy pairs of earrings to three lucky winners!!

New Dress A Day - Oscar Jewels Giveaway - Bling Earrings

These fabulous and shiny pairs of earrings up for grabs that will make your lobes feel like a superstar!  I live for these danglers.  To enter, leave a comment below of your favorite movie or performance from the year along with which pair you'd like best.  Which movie were you obsessed with??  Which performance made you cry/pee/get inspired?  I loved Her - I thought it was just so original and Joaquin Phoenix actually didn't make me feel too creeped out.  (That tends to be the way I feel about him - talented actor, creepy dude!)  Three winners will get announced next week - it'll be my little version of Oscar gift bags to give to three awesomely amazing readers!  Get your speeches prepared...