Linda's NDAD Creation (Part II)

My gal Linda, who I met at my book signing in San Francisco last year, submitted a fantabulous piece after I met her - click here for the refresher post. She started with this skirt before she remade it... New Dress A Day - DIY pillow - vintage skirt - Goodwill

...and today has come back with another remake using the leftovers! This is such a great idea for all those excess scraps of fabric that accumulate, and especially this time of year. You'll see what I mean...

Hello again, Marisa! I finally made the boot stands with the scraps from the two skirts I shortened a long while back. They were very easy to make and help keep my boots nice and upright. 

New Dress A Day - DIY boot stands - vintage skirt - Goodwill


I stuffed the stands with plastic shopping bags to make them even more "green". Did you know that I still had leftover material after the boot stands were made?? So, I decided to make a pillow, too!

New Dress A Day - DIY pillow - vintage skirt - Goodwill

What do you think? I liked how the pillow turned out, but now I'm thinking about making a tote bag with the same owl design. Many thanks for inspiring me to be more creative! Happy hugs!

LINDA!!!! I am OBSESSED with the owl pillow. There are really no words to describe the cuteness. Also the boot stands are just so perfect - not only are they practical, they look super chic. That material is just insane and I'm so glad that you used it all up! Please make a tote bag with the same owl design! I'm so looking forward to seeing it. I'm declaring you Queen Green, Linda!! xo

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