Meg's NDAD Creation

I loved sweatshirts. I live in them a lot of the time (I'm wearing a zip up hoodie right now!). I redid one á la Flashdance for my book and when I saw this one that Meg repurposed, I just had to share!

I just recently did a resize of a large sweatshirt to make it more fitted. This was a sweatshirt from my undergrad years that was just too large. Luckily, the late 90s were all about over-sized clothes, so in the grand scheme of things at the time the size was inconsequential. Not to mention that I was at an engineering school where dressing stylishly didn't feel all that crucial, except during job fairs (note to current students: sweatshirts are generally not acceptable job fair attire).

New Dress A Day - DIY - oversized sweatshirt - Goodwill

I wore the Clarkson one on and off throughout college, and sometime afterwards I passed it over to my mom, who recently passed it back over to me, and it has since been living at the bottom of the fleece & sweatshirt pile.

(Um, can I get a what, what to the rest of you guys with one of these piles? I have two. Not good. Really. Not. Good.)

Fast forward to summer 2012, when I bought a sweatshirt from my grad school. My, how times have changed. Semi-fitted with a slight scoop-neck. What one might even call "trendy."

New Dress A Day - DIY - oversized sweatshirt - Goodwill

Meanwhile, the one from Lesley is worn on a pretty regular basis since it fits nicely. So nicely, in fact, that I decided the Clarkson (CU) one needed a makeover in the style of the Lesley (LU) one.

Time to see how Meg gives her 90s sweatshirt some 2014 love! PS, I LIVED in oversized sweatshirts in high school. Dare I say it, I even rocked a dickie underneath. Where were the fashion police then???

I started off by cutting the sleeves and then measured them against the LU sweatshirt. 

New Dress A Day - DIY - oversized sweatshirt - Goodwill

I pinned them and sewed a new seam from cuff to armpit, trimming the excess with my pinking shears (I left about a half-inch of fabric).

New Dress A Day - DIY - oversized sweatshirt - Goodwill

For the body, I laid out the LU sweatshirt on top of the CU one to get a rough idea of the width I wanted, and then pinned from armpit to waist. There is slight shaping as the band at the bottom of the sweatshirt was only slightly larger than I wanted it to be.

New Dress A Day - DIY - oversized sweatshirt - Goodwill

I sewed the seams and trimmed the excess, leaving about a half-inch of fabric. A quick try-on and the fit is good!

New Dress A Day - DIY - oversized sweatshirt - Goodwill

After the fitting, leaving the body of the sweatshirt inside out, I turned the sleeves right-side out and lined up the upper opening of the sleeve with the arm opening of the sweatshirt. I'm clearly an expert at this eye-balling thing as the sleeves each fit perfectly. Go me!

New Dress A Day - DIY - oversized sweatshirt - Goodwill

I pinned the sleeves to the body so that there would be about a half-inch seam allowance.

New Dress A Day - DIY - oversized sweatshirt - Goodwill

I used an old Singer Featherweight, that hasn't seen much action in the last few years, that decided to crap out on me!! I can't blame it for taking a break., however, when I took it to the repair shop, "teacher magic" kicked in and the dang thing worked as soon as the guy plugged it in (teacher magic is what I call it since it's often my students claiming something won't work or happen - usually in a lab - until I happen to be in the general vicinity of the students). Grr.

Since I was already in Middlebury helping my mom with a gardening job, I took the liberty of using her machine to finish it up. When I sewed the arm holes I stretched out the fabric a little as I went around because I didn't have elastic thread, or a serger (wish list!), and I didn't want there to be any restriction in the seams.

Less than two hours (total) and one much-better-fitting sweatshirt emerged:

New Dress A Day - DIY - oversized sweatshirt - Goodwill

Hello new/old well-fitting sweatshirt!!

I love what you've been doing, have been following you since almost the beginning, and enjoy seeing the process of each piece!

Meg, thank you for giving some love to your alma mater's sweatshirt! I have one that is still in that fleece/sweatshirt pile - this pile actually sits in a plastic under-the-bed bin - that needs some TLC! I just love that you turned it into something that you will wear on the regular now! Now your Clarkson sweatshirt doesn't have to be jealous of your Lesley sweatshirt anymore!! Keep up your awesome remakes!

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