Volunteerism Shout Out with Advil!

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Advil® as a part of the Advil® Relief in Action campaign. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Advil® as a product or its effectiveness. Today’s post is a special one - I’m working with Advil® to talk about volunteerism and in turn getting to highlight one of my most favorite people who embodies doing good. My girl, Courtney Collins, founder of the children’s craft studio little junebugs is volunteer extraordinaire who works with a variety of children’s organizations including CoachArt, Pablove Shutterbugs, and Milk + Bookies.

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I’m in awe of everything she does – not only is she an incredible paper flower creator (she made me the most insane arrangement here), her studio, little junebugs, is a community partner with CoachArt which is a non-profit that provides children living with chronic illnesses and their siblings an experience to help improve their quality of life. Each month the studio has an afternoon of team crafting with the kids, creating everything from puppet shows to oversized comic books, that are shown at an art show after a three-month session.

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“We want to cry with pride at how much these kids come out of their shells, the friendships they have made with their teammates, and how proud they are of the art they have created. When we have CoachArt, it is my favorite day of the month.”

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Courtney is working on her very own program at the moment (paperwork’s in the mail!) where little junebugs will be directly serving children with chronic illness through teamwork, creativity and their imagination in January 2014.

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“I really want to be able to open our magical studio to more families and to be able to do more with what I’ve built at little junebugs. It’s been tough, we have almost had to close our shop three times this year, but miracles just keep us (and myself) going. I am super optimistic that I can stay in business and grow my program.”

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“When providing relief to others, I get an incredible confirmation that I am doing a good job sharing the best qualities and talent I was blessed with...and constant inspiration.”

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There is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing my friends do awesome things and be the awesome people that they are. Courtney is such an inspiration and is exactly the person that the Advil® Relief in Action initiative is saluting. She’s one of the millions of volunteers who give when it comes to helping others. Everyday people who are there for others.

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The Advil® Relief in Action campaign honors volunteers who actively give back. Earlier this year, as part of the Advil® Relief in Action program, Advil® donated a portion of the price of participating bottles to Habitat for Humanity® International and Wounded Warrior Project® so their volunteers could get the relief they needed, and get back to giving back. It’s awesome to show love and respect to those who are doing so much good around us - you are a crafty, one-of-a-kind rock star, CC.

I can’t wait to start working with Courtney come the new year in her brand new endeavor! What are some of the things that you volunteer for, want to begin volunteering for, or do to help others?

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