Sandra's NDAD Creation: Halloween Edition

Here's another costume, on the couple front!  I love group costumes just for the fact that you pretty much have to stay together all night.  You can't have a "Saved By the Bell" group get-up without your Screech, right?  I'm working on a few costumes to feature here, but my main outfit is something that could work with a group.  I'm hoping that I run into other people who are dressed in the same genre to take photos with.  Cryptic much??  For today, check out Sandra's costume...

Hi Marisa, I'm a huge fan of your page, blog and talent.  A few years ago I had a themed party to go to and along with my crafty friend, we created costumes from Value Village - a Sonny and Cher duo costume that my husband and I went as!

For my Cher look, we found a beautiful bright-colored sari that we used as my vest, a pair of bellbottoms, and then used the scraps for a headband.  My hubby's cords were fun to work on as we cut them open at the bottom and added a brocade drapery curtain to create a far out pair of bells with fringe.  To complete the look we used some of my own clothing along with wigs, and voila!

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween Costumes - Sonny and Cher

We had such a blast and have gone on to create some other fun costumes as well!  Thanks for letting me share.  Your Canadian fan, Sandra.

You guys look SO groovy.  A fantastic duo costume, for sure!  Isn't it amazing all the stuff you can score at the thrift store for period pieces like this?  Can't wait to see this year's look!