Photoshop for Bloggers Class!

Hey all! I wanted to throw this out there into the blogosphere for anyone who might be interested.  My amazing web gal Erin (who's working on an awesome site relaunch with me planned for next month...weee!!), is hosting a Photoshop for Bloggers class on SkillShare.  I'm obsessed with SkillShare because they offer online classes to take whenever you want, they're super reasonable, and they're taught by awesomely talented and amazing folks.  (Some of you guys might have classes up there - if you do, let me know!)

New Dress A Day - Photoshop for Bloggers Class - Skillshare

As comfortable as I am with clothes, I fall onto the other side of the spectrum when it comes to web/tech stuff.  I've taken classes to help spiff up my knowledge and this one that Erin has put together is exactly what I need to help elevate my skill set.  I think it's going to be especially great for those bloggers out there wanting to make their site as gorgeous as possible, and the best part is that it's only $20...I don't even want to talk about how much I've spent on other classes!  Here's a sample of what you'll learn how to create...

Sample PS image

I'll be taking it this weekend and as soon as I'm done I'll share some of my experiences here and you'll probably start to see some changes within the posts!  Yay for getting down with Photoshop :)

Click HERE for class info!