Giveaway: Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Happy October 1st!!  This happens to be one of my favorite months for a few reasons... First - My birthday falls smack dab in the middle (10/15!  Where my Libras at?)

Second - Halloween is one of my most favorite days and what's better than a little dress up?

Third - It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I couldn't be more supportive!  We should be aware 12 months out of the year, however having a full month dedicated to education/awareness/support is such a good thing.  So to ring in the month, I'm hosting a giveaway of a special LOFT t-shirt, created in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation...

New Dress A Day - DIY - LOFT Breast Cancer Awareness T - Giveaway well as a gorgeous Cargo lipstick in shade Sagarmatha!

New Dress A Day - DIY - Cargo Lipstick - Giveaway

To enter, leave a comment below of the size of the T-shirt you'd like as well as your favorite month!!  Perhaps it's the month of your anniversary, the birth month of your children, or perhaps it's the month where you won the lottery/silent auction raffle/got called down on The Price Is Right!! (PS, that last one totally happened to me...need to transfer that clip and get it up on YouTube so you can see the ridiculousness of college Marisa slapping everyone's hands on the way down to Contestant's Row!)

Fun month ahead filled with more goodies in store to win!!!