Giveaway: Silver Vintage Cocktail Purse

As I continue to sort out and keep/donate, I have another one of my pieces that I'm going to retire and pass off to one of you!!  I loved reading all the amazing comments of what you guys are retiring from last week's clutch giveaway that I figured another chic piece might get more wonderful feedback.  PS I'm so proud of all of you with everything you've been passing off, be it older shoes and jeans or the "I can't" mindset (yay, Rose!).  All the winners from the past few giveaways have been chosen - I'm pulling emails/actual identities today and will update everyone who's got things coming their way on tomorrow's remake post! Today, I'm handing off a chic, silver clutch that has really had a spectacular stay in my closet for years.

New Dress A Day - vintage silver clutch - giveaway

I have another silver clutch that is mesh (it was my grandma's) that I'll be holding onto and realized that I just didn't need to keep both!  It's the perfect piece to wear to a wedding or even to just glam up some jeans and a t-shirt!

New Dress A Day - vintage silver clutch

To enter, leave a comment below in the comments section of something that you've bought but wished you hadn't.  I think this will garner some interesting comments!!  Was there one thing that you just NEEDED and then realized down the road that it just wasn't that important?  Or is there something that hasn't been taken out of its original box or is still on a hanger with the original tags hanging?  A winner will randomly get chosen next week.

I remember totally needing a Hypercolor shirt back in the 90s because "everyone else had one" but then when I got it, I was totally underwhelmed because the colors never changed.  Also, there was a bread machine/maker that sat in the kitchen of my childhood home, out of the box, for YEARS that never got any use...sorry for throwing you under the box, mom :)  Not sure what possessed her to get it (maybe she won it in a raffle - I'll have to get that clarified and get back to you) but it was NEVER used.  It even made the fam's NY-CA move, yet sat in the garage.  Before they relocated to NC, I made sure we handed it off Goodwill.  I hope someone is putting it to use and baking some bread!!