Bish's NDAD Creation

There's nothing like donations from other people when getting to make a project.  I've loved receiving all your vintage garments to upcycle and this piece from Bish is one that she made with a friend's relinquished project. So one of my friends picked up crochet while I was pregnant and took on the ambitious project of making me a baby blanket.  As she worked on it, she noticed it started getting narrower and narrower with each line, until it was more of a triangle than a blanket and she had to abandon ship so to say.  She still gave me her progress, thinking I could use it as a burp cloth or something, but I immediately saw an alternate potential.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Knit Scarf

How will Bish transform this piece???

Of course it took me months to get to it, but I finally decided to turn that failed project into a cute baby skirt!  I originally thought I needed one button for the skirt, so when I went to grab one from my sewing box and found 3 that matched, I couldn't decide which one to use and ended up using all of them!  

New Dress A Day - DIY - Knit Scarf

I sewed a piece of looped elastic to a button and then sewed that onto one side of the narrower part of the material.  I sewed two buttons on the other side next so I would have some size options.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Knit Scarf

Insta-cute skirt!  Of course getting her to stand still long enough to snap a good picture wasn't nearly as easy.

This is totally adorbs, Bish!  Your little gal couldn't be sweeter.  I love that you thought practical too when adding the additional buttons - the little lady will be able to grow and the skirt will still be wearable!