Erin's NDAD Creation

Erin's remake is floral and fabulous!  I just love the print of the piece.  Check out how she revamped this piece and took down those ruffles!

About a month ago a girlfriend told me about your blog and I was instantly inspired.  I found your site and spent hours just looking at pictures thinking...I could do this!!  So two days later, I head over to my local thrift store and found a few great pieces that had serious potential.  I had fallen in love with the pattern of this dress but was completely turned off by the ruffles.  I figured even if nothing great came of it, I would only be out $5.99 and would gather lots of experience.

New Dress A Day - Goodwill - thrift store shopping - vintage floral Laura Ashley dress

My husband, a navy man who learned to sew for uniforms on ship, got out the sewing machine and gave me a quick lesson as I had NEVER sewed in my life.

I love that your husband gave you a sewing tutorial!  Time to see how his tips helped you tweak this!

I tried my hand a pair of curtains to get an idea of how the machine worked and then I got to working on a dress remake.  I started with removing the ruffle from the neck and then restitched the neck line.  I pulled off the ruffles on the sleeves, shortened them, and took them in a little.   I removed the skirt next, took in the sides, and added pleats before reattaching it back to the top!

New Dress A Day - Goodwill - thrift store shopping - vintage floral Laura Ashley dress

I was able to keep the pockets in the dress, but they ended up going backwards! :) Regardless, they still work and I love them.  I hemmed the bottom of the dress a few inches and bam, this ruffled disaster is a new, one of a kind piece that I LOVE to wear! Thank you for this inspiration and all the fun I am having with my new hobby!

I'm so glad you're enjoying your new hobby, Erin!  It's so exciting to see new readers get inspired to go out and create things!  I thing you and the hubs should have a sewing crafternoon soon...  Keep your remakes coming, girl!!