Tuesday Giveaway: Nail Goodies

I'm back on the mend, yay!  I'll be getting up a slew of 31 Days of Thrift posts today, so in the interim, I'm doing a fun giveaway of all things that I'm obsessed with...NAILS!! I put together a little kit of all the necessary materials to DIY yo nails including the following...

New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway - Win Nail Polish

The cutest pig nail clipper that I've ever seen, a pair of toe separators, a nail brush, a glitter leopard print nail file, a pumice stone, star nail decals, and a bottle of blue nail polish, perfect for the end of summer/beginning of fall!

To enter leave a comment below of your favorite nail color, whether it's a specific shade from your fave nail polish brand or the general shade!  In general I tend to go with the seasons - dark in the fall and lighter in the summer, but I'm always a fan of doing a light pink on my fingers.  Essie's Ballet Slippers is always a good pick!  A winner will get chosen next week!

More posts to come today...check back in!!