Michelle's NDAD Creation

There's a floral skirt in my collection that hits me right around calf level and I live it in.  It's got a mix of black, green, and pink shades and it's something that works really well with black tank tops or white blouses, in any season.  Michelle's piece totally reminds me of it...check her project out!

Hello Marisa!  I have been following your blog for about two years and have made some of my own creations, so I thought I'd finally submit one.  I wanted to make a skirt to wear to my sister's bridal shower and I came upon this at a thrift store in Sacramento and it cost $3...

New Dress A Day - Goodwill skirt - Thrift Store Shopping - DIY

I love floral prints and I thought this was a steal!

Which direction is Michelle going to take this??

It was a little long to begin with, so I knew I was going to be cutting off a bit of the length.  I chopped it in half and ended up with a final product that was adorable and the variety of colors in the skirt allows for lots of versatility.

New Dress A Day - Goodwill skirt - Thrift Store Shopping - DIY

Thank you for being such a creative inspiration :)

This skirt works so great with darker colors and will totally pop when you pair it with lighter colors as well, Michelle.  Versatility is right!! I love the pattern - there's been such a resurgence of these 90s florals and I think you nailed this one!  Have SO much fun wearing this, lady!!