Giveaway: LOFT tote & Clinique Gloss

Hey friends!  Apologies for the delayed post - one of the dearest people in my life lost their grandma, so I've been a bit slow with my stuff...just trying to be around and available to them.  So unfortunately I don't have a remake today, but instead I have some fab goodies to give away. New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway - LOFT tote

How 'bout a cute little tote from LOFT, a Clinique lip gloss, and a travel size Paris Amour body lotion from Bath & Body Works?  A dreamy set of goodies, eh?  You'll smell yummy, look glossy, and that bag has both handles and an over the shoulder sash making it super versatile for the gym or beach!

Leave a comment below of something that you've been dreaming of.  Perhaps it's something cool/chic/fun you've seen and added to your wishlist, something literally from a dream that you've had, or somewhere dreamy you'd like to go.  I just rewatched Midnight in Paris, so I'm in my "try to speak French" mode and closing my eyes and envisioning myself in a beret, wearing big sunglasses, and eating a big baguette.

I've got a slew of remakes that will be up next week - tomorrow is this month's My Mother's Closet post that I think you're going to really love!  Thanks for always being so supportive and awesome :)