Friday Giveaway - Rhinestoned Jewelry

How was everyone's week, post-holiday??  Mine was busier than expected and the work will continue on into the weekend, however it'll be nice to sleep in just a bit! To close out the work week, I'm giving away two things I'm obsessed with...

New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway - Rhinestone Bangle ivory rhinestoned bangle and a pair of iridescent heart earrings.  This combo is one that I would wear each and every day.  Nothing like a little bit of glimmer to add to basic gold or silver bangles.

To enter, leave a comment below of one thing you'd like to accomplish this summer.  It's already almost mid-July and I MUST get through a list of to-do's before the summer slips away.  The one major project on my list is to paint and get in order the patio area at my casa - I have a dingy set of two iron chairs and a table that need some maje TLC.  I'm not allowed to get a mini-grill (one of those tabletop Weber ones) until it gets finished and I'm dreaming about having my own grill :)  I shall be getting started next week after a few deadlines get met!  A winner will get announced next week along with all of the winners of the other current giveaways, so make sure you're entered for everything!!  (Also, the Visa gift card winners were chosen by BlogHer and the emails have gone out - as soon as I get the ok on their end, I'll share the winner's names!!)

Have a most fantastic weekend, friends!! xo