Thursday Giveaway: Leah Duncan Sketchbook

It's Thursday!!  Can you smell the weekend yet?? I've been furiously preparing for my NY trip and I'll be leaving in about 24 hours.  Aaaahhhh, where did this week go??  There's been lots of gathering pieces/tweaking pieces/sewing pieces at Casa Marisa, but I have a stash of back-up vintage "no sewing necessary" goodies to bring with me if I don't get everything completed in time.  I'll be documenting everything (my Instagram feed is going to be blowing up like never before) because this trip is heavily Broadway themed with a little bit of work sprinkled in.  I have tickets for a few shows with friends in them and then, ahem, I'm hitting up the Tony Awards Sunday night to cheer on my fab, nominated pal, Charl Brown!!  (This "what to wear" moment is giving me anxiety... I'll be coming to you for help right before!!)

So while my home has garments strewn all about, I'm keeping it tidy on NDAD, offering a giveaway of two of my favorite things.  A Leah Duncan sketchbook and a golden-y shimmer Max Factor lip gloss.

New Dress A Day - Giveaway - Leah Duncan notebook - Conteat

To win, leave a comment below with some sort of travel tip - maybe it's a pre-trip ritual?  Do you pack way in advance?  Do you take a packing break to get a mani/pedi?  Do you just take a nap and then give yourself 30 minutes to make it work?  Do you get an awesome friend to give you back rubs while you pick out what shoes to bring?  I can use all the defrazzle-ing help I can get!  I'm such a last minute gal that I'm usually up all night packing, however that turns me into a total crankster. Nobody likes a crankster :)