Marissa's NDAD Creation (#2)

So I featured Marissa just last month when she made a fab peplum top/skirt out of an old pink and white polka dotted dress (click here for a refresher) and we're seeing her again because this remake is tied into Mother's Day!

My mother, sister, and I were all able to enjoy Mother's Day together, just the three of us, which hardly ever happens any more.  We spent the whole day doing girly things, like shopping and crafting!  While at Goodwill I found this dress with a vibrant floral print and great skirt detail.  However, it was a little too busy and a little too roomy in the top for my taste.  I saw a lot of potential in the bottom portion of the dress...

New Dress A Day - DIY - Goodwill dress - floral fabric print I decided to buy it for a re-do!

Let's see what Marissa makes from this dress!

Once I got home I cut the top of the dress off above the waist band. (I did this one layer at a time so not to cut into the waist band on the lower, unseen layer.) This way worked best because the dress had an existing waistband with elastic in the back! 

I have seen so many cute dresses with black tops and bright floral bottoms that I decided to do the same with my re-do.  I found an old black t-shirt in my closet and tried it on with the dress bottom.  Once I had the faux skirt at my natural waist, I pinned the shirt to remember the finished location.  I chalked this line to sew along, measured one inch below it, and then used my rotary cutter to make a straight cut. 

With the right sides together, I pinned the shirt chalk line to the edge of the faux skirt waistband and sewed the two together as close as possible to the waistband.  

Ta-Da, the finished product!

New Dress A Day - DIY - Goodwill dress - upcycled and new

And the whole project only cost me $3.69 plus tax since I already owned the other supplies.

Marissa, this dress is fantastic!  I am thrilled that this gorgeous new dress is what you made with your mother and sister on Mother's Day - I love that you guys were able to spend quality time together getting crafty :)  Not sure if you have the same plans on the books this weekend, but I hope this piece will bring back awesome memories from last year!