Wednesday Giveaway with Good Housekeeping & Rit Dye

Happy mid-week, friends! Who's down for a little giveaway?  This one is a bit different this week...I'm working with RIT Dye and we're doing a fun giveaway with Good Housekeeping magazine!  There are 100 books to win, lots of bottles of dye to win, and one lucky winner even gets a Skype sesh/consult with moi!

This is what ran in the May '13 issue (the one with the gorge Julianna Margulies on the cover) of the magazine...

New Dress A Day - Good Housekeeping Contest - DIY - Win

Some of you might have seen it on page 196!  There are a few ways to enter - scanning the Good Housekeeping logo on your smart phone with one of their apps, or if you don't subscribe, you can scoot right over to their site to enter as well.  (That's totally easier, if you ask me!)

Click HERE for the sweepstakes link!

New Dress A Day - Good Housekeeping Contest - DIY - Win

Now, these are a little tricky - if you don't want to get a free trial subscription of the magazine, make sure you click the area that says "No Purchase Necessary to enter".  (I took a screen shot of the page - see that blue "click here" area? That's where you click on their page if you don't want the mag delivered to your door!)

New Dress A Day - Good Housekeeping Contest - DIY - Win

I've entered little contests here and there and have ended up with subscriptions of magazines that I already had because I didn't read the fine print.  So for today's giveaway, head on over to and fill out all the info on their site to win!  The contest closes on May 15th and you can enter once a day.  (I'd love to hear if any readers win this - keep me posted if you do!!)

Also, a quick update on past winners....Congrats to Laura Whitman (Tony Awards pack), CourtneyB (Flying Buttress bag/panel of your choice), Sue (Pressed Flower Kit), Kate Martin (Rose rhinestone bracelet), and Audra (Eco-coffee bag).  All pending prizes are getting sent out this week...slight delay on my end, sorry!!

New remake tomorrow!!