Wednesday Giveaway

Earth Month continues!! Today I'm giving away a little floral goodie pack that's one half crafty and one half glam!

New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway - Earth Day

Up for grabs is a pair of costume floral earrings with a pearl in the center (they even look a little like heads of lettuce!) and a mini DIY pressed flower kit!  How cute is this to make pressed florals for stationery or bookmarks?

To enter, leave a comment below with something fabulous you'd like to press (maybe it's a Black Eyed Susan or maybe it's a basil leaf) and a winner will randomly get chosen next week! (All the winners from the past two weeks will be revealed next week as well after a REALLY fun giveaway on Earth Day!)  I just might have to have the winner make me a bookmark to use while I'm re-reading The Great Gatsby before the movie comes out on 5/10!