Tuesday Giveaway

Happy Tuesday!! I'm prepping for my cousin's baby shower, so this afternoon and early evening ended up being full of errands, trying to get things in check before I cruise.  Since I didn't get to shoot my outfit today, which was a good thing because the Southern California winds were off the chain and I would have been waiting to get hit by blowing debris, I'm offering a giveaway instead!

Up for grabs is this costume rhinestone, rose centered bracelet!!  I'm so obsessed with today's piece that I got one for me as well.  (Whoever wins this...we can be wrist twins!)

New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway - Rhinestone Bracelet

Since it's earth month, and this technically works as a tie in because there's a lovely rose in the center of the bracelet (ok, that's a slight stretch) leave a comment below of your favorite grown item to enter the drawing.  Maybe you have a garden that grows the most amazing tomatoes, or a basil plant in the kitchen?  Maybe you just like grapefruits and orchids!  This time of year, I am obsessed with the most heavenly scented orange blossoms outside my building.  I take little walk breaks just to smell them.  I think I just need to find an awesome orange blossom candle to recreate this when they're not in bloom :)

Can't wait to hear your faves - a winner will randomly get picked next week!!