So this little cold I've had has totally kicked my tush!  I expected to be up and in action on Wednesday but that just didn't happen.  I've been taking a lovely cocktail of vitamins and cold meds, along with teas, juices, and water, and I'm finally feeling like this weekend will bring me days without coughing!!  (Fingers crossed!!) Since no remake was had today, I'm offering a little giveaway instead!!

The goodies to be scored today include a fab Tarte mascara, a pair of black floral studs, and a Color Club nail polish in silver glitter.  Who doesn't love silver glitter??

New Dress A Day - Giveaway - Tarte

I know it's spring, but I couldn't resist going with some black and metallics - I've been inside all week, so I haven't seen a lick of sunshine and it still feels like winter to me.  To enter, leave a comment below of fun spring things you look forward to!  Maybe it's Passover or Easter, or maybe it's just the extended days or seeing the daffodils pop through the cold ground... a winner will be chosen next week!!

I'm excited for getting more hikes in during the longer days...hopefully this will come true next week after my cough attacks subside :)  I will be getting lots of pieces together this weekend to make up for the loss of sewing while I've been sick.  I've been sleeping a ton, which has been so great - I think I've slept more this week than all year so far!!  Thanks to all for the sweet messages to feel better too - you guys are amazing!!

Happy weekend, friends!!