Wednesday Giveaway

Everything's coming up roses today, friends!! Not sure how the week is going for everyone, but I thought that giving awesome something rosy and cheerful would be just the thing to brighten this Wednesday.  I've been having crap nights of sleep the past few days, so this is something that I could definitely benefit from.  (Mercury is in retrograde, right?)

Today's goodies are all rose-themed - an AMAZING Pop Beauty Rose Belle Blush Palette (with 8 shades) and Petal Jam lip gloss, along with some Rose toothpaste by Breath Palette.  (I'm very interested in how this is, so the winner will have to share their thoughts!)  I love rosewater ice cream, so this could be very cool.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway

To enter, leave a comment below of something you love to do/wear/enjoy when you're feeling a bit out of sorts.  I've been drinking lots of tea today and I think it's been helping out.

Also, it's finally time to announce the rest of the lucky winners from the past few giveaways - ElizS won the Oscar pack, Erin won the owl necklace, and Kate. B. won the spa gloves/socks.

Thanks for entering guys!  Winner for the rosy pack will be named next Wednesday (3/6).