Danielle's NDAD Creation

I thought this dress was such fun when I saw the before shot!  It's always such fun seeing what everyone does with their pieces because I always have my own idea in my head before I go through all the photos.  Here's Danielle's story...

I've resolved to not buy any new clothing in 2012 as a way to ore intentionally examine my fashion consumption habits and to motivate myself to finally learn how to sew and upcycle out-of-style vintage dresses into modern pieces.

I love that you're joining the upcycling family, Danielle!  Here's her fabulous before...

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - upcycle

Look at those sleeves!! Let's see how Danielle transforms this one!

This horrendous, lacy, sequined, chiffon bridesmaid dress is right out of the late 60s!  

Danielle removed the sleeves, sequins, and chiffon on the top of the dress and shortened it to make it the perfect party piece!

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - upcycle

I love that the bow stayed intact!  That's my favorite part of the dress - the fab waist!  Thank you for sharing your piece with us Danielle!  I hope that the upcycling continues...