Holiday Road!!

I'm still pretty much on cloud 9 from The New York Times mention (yes, I'm still pinching myself) and have been trying to get packed for some family holiday time down south all week.  (Trying is definitely the highlighted word here...I always try to pack in advance, however it usually turns into 2am the night before, cramming suitcases.) For those of y'all (already getting my accent down) in the Charlotte, NC vicinity, I'll be hanging out at Park Road Books on Sunday afternoon.  There will be sweets, treats, and sips to enjoy while probably have copious amounts of photos shot by my dad.  (Not joking.  My dad and his camera are like me and my sewing machine...BFFs.)

New Dress A Day - NC Signing

I'm about ready to call it a night or an early morning - just depends on how you'd describe 2am -  until I wake again in a few short hours to toss in  my final toiletries and reading materials...

New Dress A Day - Grace Coddington's Memoir

...before cruising to LAX!!  I'll make sure to fully document on Instagram and Twitter any fun travel pics.  I always tend to see something awesome, from a dude in shorts who had a crazy tattoo covering his entire calf of a naked woman (there's a photo somewhere of this...) to Bill Murray and a mariachi band. (Sidenote:  Bill was not with the band, however Bill and the band happened together, at the same gate. One of those 7am flights where we're all ready to pass out and the band was totally playing what I'd call a "lower key version of their usual jam list".  Bill and I had our direct eye contact moment where we were both saying "seriously" with our facial expressions.  Couldn't write a better scene if I tried...)