Thursday Giveaway!!

Because of the success of the earlier giveaway this week, I decided to add another one to the mix! In my holiday prep/doctor's visits (dentist, oy!)/laundry/packing moments, the piece I had planned to wear tonight got adjusted.  (AKA, I didn't finish the piece in time and went with something from my closet already!!)  I'll be on track tomorrow with the completed ensemble, so in the interim, here's another giveaway.  I'm feeling super Gatsby, partially because I'm obsessed with the new trailer for Baz Luhrmann's version coming out next year... this little grouping of goodies is completely apropos.  I love the costume art deco necklace, the CZ studs, and the RGB polish in Cognac.  Ooh la la.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Gatsby Giveaway

We're totally going to be doing a Gatsby week when the movie comes out, PS, but until then this will have to do!  To enter, leave a comment below with the one movie you're super excited about that hasn't come out yet. It can be this year, next year - whatever you can't wait for, let a sista know!  A winner will randomly get picked this Friday (12/14).  This is basically just the gift that I would have on my list anyway.  Such a sucker for art deco!