Happy 3rd Blog Birthday!!

The idea came about, about six months prior to this, but my official, Day 1 on WordPress, first NDAD post ever, was three years ago today, on November 27, 2009.  Wowsa. New Dress A Day - Day 1 of Blogging - November 27, 2009

It's a little crazy hitting this fun birthday/milestone and what an amazing ride it has been!!

New Dress A Day - Day 1 of Blogging - Happy Blog Birthday!

I just got this photo from my Aunt Patti who titled it "you were refashioning in the 80s" which is most definitely true.  With her shirt, it looks like I turned it into a dress by cinching the waist with a hot belt and added my sneaks.  I would totally wear those sneaks now if I had them in my size.

We've only just begun!!  Such fun and new things on the horizon...2013 is going to be a very good year :)