Thanksgiving Eve!

Hi friends!  I'm sure we're all getting ready for the upcoming holiday...  I just talked to my mom and she's already got the menu set and ingredients purchased, while I'm on the other side of the spectrum and still trying to sort out what to bring to the dinner I'm attending.  Totally typical, but I have been working on my outfit!! I've been given a chocolate-type dessert (pumpkin pie was already chosen) as well as a side dish of some sort (not including potatoes because they're already covered) to bring with me on Thursday.

Pumpkins, and gourds, and squash, oh my!

I figured I'd reach out your way to field ideas!  What are your favorite dishes, traditional, non-traditional?  What do you salivate thinking about having on Thanksgiving?  I love seeing what you share in the comments section - I always get such fabulous food ideas from you!!

This isn't as much of a traditional giveaway today, but I will make a batch of delicious sweets to send out to one lucky commenter on Monday (...along with all the outstanding giveaway prizes that need to get shipped!)

Delicious Cookies like these (photo c/o Smitten Kitchen's gloriousness)

Yes, I'm baking in the kitchen this weekend and a box of some sort of delectable treat will get sent to the randomly chosen winner!!  This is a first...and I love it!  I'm a baker and can't wait to put my Kitchen-aid mixer to use.

Looking forward to reading your holiday favorites!