Upcycled Grandpa Cardigan

In my recent thrifting, I came across a few really jazzy, vintage, grandpa-style cardigans.  This one was one of my favorites just because of the shade of blue it was!  (I'm liking the new red hair/light blue color combo!)  The only thing was that there were some gross markings on the sleeve. New Dress A Day - DIY - Vintage Sweater

See?  Gross, right?

New Dress A Day - DIY - Vintage Sweater

The beauty of this piece is that it CAN be salvaged!!  And it was salvaged while I was flying back to LA, plane-style!

The necessary ingredients to make this sweater work??

New Dress A Day - DIY - Patches & Thread!

Suede patches and matching thread!  We're going to hide the markings to make the piece look vintage-chic!

I took each patch and pinned it in place on the arms, hiding the markings.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Pinned in place patches!

Once they were pinned, I began to hand stitch them in place...

New Dress A Day - DIY - Stitch in Time!

...going under then over, and under and over, until I made my way around the entire patch!  I snagged these patches, holes already in them, in the garment district for just a few bucks.

Post stitching, my sweater was looking a little like this!

New Dress A Day - DIY - Pinned in place patches!

I love the blue/tan combo, and I love how comfortable it is!!  Ooh, and the markings have vanished!  What up, David Blaine.  Take that for an illusion.

New Dress A Day - DIY - From marked to must!

I'm going to be wearing this EVERYWHERE, ps.  I'm not even joking.

New Dress A Day - DIY - New Sweater!

It's one of those pieces that can be tossed on a vintage blouse (like above) or with a cute blouse and skinny jeans!  Please be advised that you will definitely be seeing this again...

PS, getting ready for a little stop over at Sonoran Living tomorrow morning at 9am, for all my AZ readers.  You just might see this piece live and in action!