Suchi's NDAD Creation - Halloween Edition!

More costumes today!!  This one was submitted by Suchi and I'm pretty much wishing I had this costume put together for the week!

Hi Marisa - I hadn't planned to send this to you, so there are no good "before" shots, but I truly believe that following your blog has given me the confidence to try things I never would have!!  I made this costume for my daughter Eva. She is in love with the concept of long, flowing cloaks (have you ever watched the BBC series Merlin?), and after watching Lord of the Rings this summer she decided to model her costume after the elven character Arwen.

Here’s the before shot!

New DRess A Day - DIY - Halloween Costume

Let’s see how the rest of the costume turns out!

 I made the cloak using a pattern (and the color would totally go with your new hair!), but the rest of the outfit is repurposed á la Marisa. The dress was one I had bought her years ago, but which she never wore because the shiny fabric was stiff and scratchy - so off with it! I hemmed it, took in the waist, and added a thin leather thrift store belt with gold designs to help hold her sword (an old toy we had that she added autumn colored jewels to).

New DRess A Day - DIY - Halloween Costume

The boots, also a thrift find, were nice and slouchy, but the navy suede did not go with the earth-tone theme, so I sprayed them with copper glitter.  Her pants were white nylon pajamas from the thrift store, which I died a beautiful cocoa brown.

Eva designed a headpiece using a necklace pendant she had...

New Dress A Day - DIY - Halloween Costume - headpiece-front

...which I attached to some old lace and ribbon (using some kind of metal bra clasp thing I found in a sewing box). 

New Dress A Day - DIY - Halloween Costume - headpiece-back

Through it all I felt I was channeling my inner Marisa - and so I thank you for your inspiration!

Thank you so much for sharing Suchi!  I'm totally in love with what you did and your little gal looks absolutely fabulous!!