0 Days to Go! The Book is Here!!!

The day has come!  My book is officially out and I'm just on cloud nine!! New Dress A Day - DIY - Book Launch - #NDADbook

The first part of my thank you section is devoted to you - I never could have even imagined this possible without all the support, love, strength, feedback, input, laughs, corrections, emails, and lol's from all of you.  New Dress A Day has turned into the community of people who I ultimately needed after getting laid off three years ago.  I know all your usernames, read all your emails (and try to respond when I can, but need to catch up...I'll be on track soon) and feel like we exist in this little electronic world all together which makes me the happiest girl.  You are my friends and have become my online family.  I really am so incredibly lucky and hope that I can actually meet you all in person at some point.

To celebrate the big launch day, I'm doing a little bit of bookstore hopping, picking up some literary packages and will continue adding photos to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!  Would love to see pictures from you guys too!  If you ordered a book and it's on your doorstep, forward the photo along!  If you went to Barnes & Noble (like my mom), forward the photo along.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Book Launch - #NDADbook

I'm going to start a #NDADbook hashtag!!  Also, there's a fun contest around the corner too, so sync up your social media(s) and stay tuned!

xo Marisa