6 Days to Go: Rachel's Getting Married!!

So to start off with the title of today's post, my gal pal Rachel is getting married.  Yep, this Sunday is her big day and after a sweet request of veil making, I took to the tulle and prepared my friend the head piece for which she'll go down the aisle a Miss and return a Mrs. We did some testing a few weeks ago and I got the aesthetic she was going for...

 New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Testing Day!

...and now the piece is totally complete and I did it all with just a few easy ingredients:

1. Goody Headbands

New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Goody Headbands

2. Pearl Beads & Wire

New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Pearls and Wire

3. Krylon Paint Pen & Paper Flowers

New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Krylon Pen & Flowers

4. Tulle

New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Tulle!

Oh, and before we get to the veil making, here's a portion of Rachel's dress close up - a pretty champagne/ivory/lace blend.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Rachel's Dress Material

I wanted to bring these colors out more, so with the use of a rose gold headband I began!

I took two bunches of paper flowers and started to draw on the edges of the flowers with the paint pen.  I didn't want to completely cover them in gold, just dab the petal edges to give them a metallic-y shimmer.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Flower Painting

I let my flowers dry while I began to work on the tulle.  During Rachel and my practice day, we measured how long we wanted the tulle to go.  She asked for two layers, so I measured, gathered the ends of the tulle, rolled under once and hand stitched the edges down.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Tulle Cinching

I did this to both pieces, but the top layer of tulle was gathered a bit more - two inch top edge versus a three inch edge for the bottom layer.  I wanted the top layer to have a bit more lift, so this is why I gathered two different edge lengths.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Two Layers of Tulle

I hand stitched the tulle to the headband using matching ivory thread and then began to attach my flowers and pearls.  Because the flowers had wire stems, I just poked the stems through the tulle and twisted the ends together to keep them in place.  I used the copper wire to bead/weave the pearls in place and did the same twisting trick.

 New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Pearls & Flowers

Once everything was attached (including a few ivory and gold shimmer roses), the veil looked just like this!!  I was so proud of the beaded-flower-craftiness!!

 New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Finished Wedding Veil

I tried on the finished product...

 New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Veil Tester!

...and then the bride tried it on.  We can't show her face just yet...the element of surprise, you know!  Plus we can't have her groom accidentally checking her out before the big day!

 New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Bride in her veil!

Oh, and then I had to hide within the veil.  You know, like you do, when you're wearing a veil and not getting married.

 New Dress A Day - DIY - Wedding Veil - Where's Marisa?

PS, for those married ones, what did your veil look like?  Would love to hear!  I did lots of Brides Mag/OnceWed/TheKnot/GreenWeddingShoes research to see what other ones looked like before I decided which route to go.

More pics from the wedding will come Sunday night!  I'm fixing up my dress as we speak!  Also, I've been filling out lots of bookplates too for all those who've pre-ordered and filled out forms on my BOOK PAGE!  There's still time to order (until 11:59pm on 10/15) and get your hands on a bookplate or other awesome goodies :)

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