24 Days to Go: Tracy's NDAD Creation

Today's remake comes from Tracy.  I'm loving her ambitious ways as a high schooler because she sounds a lot like me!!

I've been following your blog ever since I saw it on yahoo and I've always been inspired to go remake something of my own but never had the guts to.  As a high school student with no job, I don't have a lot of money for clothes.  This summer, I gave myself a project to try to remake some things.  I begged my mom to sort through her old clothes (there's some really atrocious stuff) and she came up with a navy blue, shapeless, drapey dress that was way too big.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Vintage Dress - Tracy

She didn't wear it anymore so she tossed it into my recreating hands.

Lucky you Tracy that your mom was the bearer of such goods perfectly ready to be made over!

I compete in DECA (a high school business competition) and I'm always in need of professional, more conservative clothes, so I decided to go that route.  I cut a foot off the bottom, hemmed it, took a few inches in to tighten it, and changed that awful high scoop neck to a more flattering v-neck.  I wanted to try creating an exposed back with elastic straps like you did in one of your recent creations, but chickened out last moment.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Vintage Dress - Tracy After

Paired with a nude belt and matching heels, I think it's ready to take on the world.

You do look like you're ready to take on the world Tracy!  You look gorgeous!!  This is just the dress that says, "watch out DECA competitors, my name is Tracy and I'm about to rock your competition world!"  Can't wait to see your next remake!